All Radzinowicz Prize winning articles in one place!

Friday, 17 April 2015

The Radzinowicz prize is awarded annually for the British Journal of Criminology article(s) that the editors think most contributes to knowledge of criminal justice issues and the development of criminology.

The 2014 Prize has been awarded jointly to:

  • N. Shalhoub-Kevorkian for the paper 'Criminality in spaces of death: the Palestinian case study'
  • Sharon Pickering and Julie Ham for the paper 'Hot pants at the border: sorting sex work from trafficking'

Past articles include:

  • 'Crime and War in Afghanistan: Part 1: The Hobbesian solution; Part 2: A Jeffersonian alternative?' by John Braithwaite and Ali Wardak
  • 'Policing Housemaids: The criminalisation of domestic workers in Bahrain' by Staci Stobi
  • 'The crimes of neoliberal rule in occupied Iraq' by David Whyte

All the prize-winning articles are now available online for free!