Booking now open: Webinar series on the past, present and future of prisons

Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Booking has now opened on the 'After Strangeways' webinar series, being held in February 2021.

The 25-day protest in April 1990 at Strangeways prison in Manchester was the longest prison protest in British history. A report into the protests by Lord Justice Woolf, published the following year in February 1991, laid bare some of the dysfunctions of the prison system that gave rise to the protests. Welcomed by some, others considered it a missed opportunity.

Thirty years on, the dysfunctions and problems of the prison system that gave rise to the Strangeways protest are as pressing as ever. Indeed some would argue they are worse. Many prisons across Britain appear locked in a terminal spiral of decline and decay.

In five webinars over five days, we will:

  • Discuss the background to the Strangeways protest
  • Recount what happened in those 25 days in April 1990 and the immediate consequences
  • Review the failed attempts to reform the prison system, and address systemic injustices in prisons, since the Strangeways protest
  • Take a long view on 200 hundred years of failure in prisons and consider a future in which prisons are no longer a mainstay of our response to crime

You can book a place at as many webinars as you wish.

We are not charging for these webinars but are encouraging those who feel able to do so to make a small donation to help cover the costs of running them.