As part of the Justice Matters project, we have developed a workshop which aims to encourage participants to think through short- and long-term solutions to a range of social harms and problems that do not rely on criminal justice interventions. 

Justice Matters seeks to inspire long-term systemic social change based on the need to rethink the entire configuration of policy and practice so that many current criminal justice responses are not required at all.

This means fundamentally different strategies to criminal justice,
not reform of and improvements to the way it works

We developed the workshop and toolkit as one way of building this strategy for change.

The workshop has been conducted with  professionals, campaigners, students and representatives of community groups. We've had some great feedback from those who have taken part.

The graphics below are examples of some of the visual aids the toolkit uses to encourage workshop participants to think beyond criminal justice.

If you would like to talk to us about hosting a workshop, then download the workshop flyer and drop us an email.