As a general rule, any publication on our website should feature on three pages:

  1. A publication page (e.g.
  2. A news page (e.g.
  3. A home page slider.

This is the minimum specification for a publication on our site.

In addition, if the publication is part of a series and/or a project output, it will normally be linked across from and to the project page (e.g.

Tags should be used, as appropriate, to link publication content to other content on the site.

The minimum specification pages

Below is a summary of the different pages, and their content.

Publication page

News page


The download page for the publication.

The text on this page should:

  • Explain the background to the publication, why we’re publishing it etc.
  • Summarise the content in the publication in an even handed manner.
  • Use tags to link to other relevant content.
  • Any use of the title of the publication should be in italics.

In cases where the publication is press released this will normally carry the press release, with minor modifications (for instance, removing contact details, notes to editors etc). It should also include a link across to the publication page as well as be appropriately tagged.

In cases where we are not press releasing the publication, it should be a newsy item, highlighting the key findings/highlights. It only needs to give a sense of the publication and can be relatively short.

Any use of the title of the publication should be in italics.

This is a simple graphic image the links to the publications page.

The slider should not be tagged.


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