Analysis and comment on current developments by the Centre's staff, supporters and associates

Friday, 04 October, 2013

Richard Garside argues that Transforming Rehabilitation has little to do with rehabilitation and a lot to do with a particular view on how the government should manage the marketplace in public services.

Wednesday, 25 September, 2013

Rebecca Roberts, Senior Policy Associate at the Centre, outlines some initial findings presented at a recent anti-poverty forum as part of a Joseph Rowntree Foundation funded evidence review on poverty and institutional care.

Tuesday, 24 September, 2013

Professor Paul Senior of the Hallam Centre for Community Justice and Sheffield Hallam University argues that the Transforming Rehabilitation agenda is risky, misguided and evidence free.

Thursday, 19 September, 2013

Richard Garside examines the thinking behind the launch of the competition for probation contracts in England and Wales.

Wednesday, 18 September, 2013

Richard Garside argues that it is too early to tell whether the economic depression in the UK will result in higher levels of violence. But the early signs on domestic and acquaintance violence don't look good.

Tuesday, 20 August, 2013

Roger Grimshaw, the Centre's Research Director, reviews a recent report published by the Centre on the housing needs of women leaving London's Holloway Prison.

Thursday, 25 July, 2013

Richard Garside writes about the Centre's new Justice Matters initiative.

Wednesday, 24 July, 2013

Richard Garside comments on a recent speech by Louise Casey, head of the govenrment's 'Troubled Families' programme.

Wednesday, 17 July, 2013

Richard Garside discusses recent claims that hundreds of criminals are on the run in England and Wales.

Tuesday, 16 July, 2013

Professor Ed Cape of the University of the West of England and trustee of the Centre discusses the recent parliamentary vote in favour of opting out of 130 EU crime and justice measures.