Empower women. Resist injustice. Transform lives

A call to action

The harms women face are widespread yet consistently ignored. Many criminal justice interventions and support services serve to replicate and reinforce unequal gender relations rather than tackle the root causes of harm. Women facing criminalisation and gender based violence are repeatedly failed by society.


We need to think about and develop social interventions that get to the root of these problems. We are calling on others to work with us to challenge structural inequality and eradicate punishment and control in women's lives. We want to start talking about and acting in ways to:

EMPOWER women.
RESIST injustice.

Ways we may begin to address this include:


​●​  Offering support instead of control and punishment.
●​  Resisting the labels of ‘offenders’ or ‘victims’ in day to day work.
​●​  Prioritising women’s needs rather than criminal justice objectives.
​●​  Speaking out against the harms that women face.
​●​  Working for greater equality and justice for women.


Equality benefits everyone. By speaking together in greater numbers our voices will be stronger. Help to build a collective confidence and critical mass for change.

We have big ambitions, but limited resources. We are seeking ways to build this initiative and work with others to inspire the radical and urgent change needed for women. You can find out who else has signed the call to action and their reasons for doing so here.

Support our call. Spread the word.

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This is an initiative of the Justice Matters for Women project and a collaboration between Women in Prison and the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies. This call to action has been drawn up with the support of a number of individuals who share our concerns. If you want to find out more about the thinking behind this and the initiative, then visit the project page.

*Your name will be added to a public list of signatories but your email address and contact details will be kept private and not shared outside the organisation. We may email you about our future work. You will have the option to unsubscribe to these communications. Please contact info@crimeandjustice.org.uk with any queries regarding our privacy policy.