About us

CCJS Knowledge

Through our consultancy service – CCJS Knowledge – we assess institutions and policies, identify and analyse current challenges, and envisage evidenced and viable solutions.

This work forms part of our educational mission and is designed to increase knowledge and understanding across the criminal justice system.

We welcome enquiries from organisations working in, or with an interest in, policing, courts and prosecution, youth justice, prisons and probation, or any other part of the criminal justice system.

UK-wide focus

A major part of our work has been UK-wide and we specialize in providing overviews and comparisons across England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


We work with a range of collaborators to provide bespoke and cost-effective services designed to fit specific needs. Recent work includes:

  • For a UK government department, an assessment of the range of governance and accountability challenges facing criminal justice institutions across the UK.
  • For a leading trade union, an assessment of the role of effective public services in the delivery of greater public safety.
  • In partnership with a professional body and a leading trade union, the development of a blueprint for institutional reform.
  • For a leading charity, an assessment of how certain policing strategies impact on their service-users.
  • For a leading philanthropic trust, an evidence review of the impact of different public institutions on their service users.


We undertake consultancy consistent with our values, and with a clear mission to serve the public interest. We uphold our ethical commitments which guide our approach, so that all the people we work with during a consultancy are respected and appreciated.


If you would like to discuss a potential piece of work, please contact our Research Director, Dr Roger Grimshaw.