Compare Futures is a pioneering online tool launched in July 2012, based on work by Professor Danny Dorling at the University of Sheffield and Dr Judith Watson at the University of Brighton with the support of the Nominet Trust. It allows users to compare a wide range of young people's life experiences and life chances across England.

Drawing on the expertise of organisations across eight European countries, this project aims to establish a comparative picture of the use, implementation and success of alternatives to custody in the countries and crucially to identify those measures which have reduced the use of custody.

We are the UK partner in a pan-European two year project funded by the European Union and coordinated by Associazione Antigone in Italy. The purpose of the European Prison Observatory is to investigate and compare prison conditions, share good practice and promote the adoption of the National Preventative Mechanism and respect for human rights in prisons management across the European Union.

Our Joseph Rowntree Foundation-funded evidence and policy review of institutional care and poverty. The review includes prisons, immigration detention, psychiatric secure hospitals and residential locations for children and vulnerable adults in the care of the state.

Our three year initiative promoting radical alternatives to criminal justice.

Practice in probation is changing as a process of fundamental restructuring begins. Habits and established practice will be under fresh scrutiny; supervision and training are likely to evolve towards supporting individual decision-making rather than creating new and rigid templates.

UK Justice Policy Review is an annual publication that tracks year-on-year criminal justice and social welfare developments across the UK. Supported by the Hadley Trust, each edition combines analysis of the main developments in the fields of policing, courts, prisons, probation and welfare with detailed data section covering the main facts, figures and trends. Downloadable datasets are also available on the relevant publication page.